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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google show Chrome OS operating system, start-up time is only 7 seconds

Chrome OS news:

According to foreign media reports, Google had at a meeting to open the "mystery" of developed Chrome OS operating system for the outside, it only needs 7 seconds to start-up. so crazy to everyone.

Google executives said they were in the development of Chrome OS's priority , considering the factor of speed, security and simplicity. Currently, Chrome OS in the PC's startup time is only 7 seconds, Google said it hopes to further reduce the start-up time. This operating system will be available at any hardware manufacturers, computer work, but Google pointed out that Chrome OS can not be downloaded and installed on an existing PC, you have to buy a new one. Moreover, it will only support solid-state hard drive, that can not be moved the hard disk.

Google wants to use Chrome OS to challenge Microsoft's Windows operating system dominance of the field. Windows in the PC market share is more than 90%. Chrome OS source code is open, Google hoped that outside developers can Chrome OS on the basis of further innovation, developing new applications.

With respect to security, all the applications of Chrome OS are web applications, the operating system does not trust any application. Moreover, the file system is locked and read-only, each tab runs in a safe sandbox.

Chrome OS data is always encrypted, all data is synchronized with the cloud, the machine where the user partition is just a local cache only, is to increase system performance. Google said that the word processing ,e-mail Chrome OS platforms and application software will use the Internet technologies.

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