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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google shows part of the Chrome OS interface

Google news:

There is little hope of releasing Chrome OS during the year

According to foreign media reports, this week Google will be a meeting at company headquarters in disseminating the ChromeOS progress.

Google has already sent invitations to some of the media, at this meeting, Google will show the real part of the ChromeOS system interface and publish the ChromeOS development plan.

By then, Google product management vice president, Sang Dapi mining (Sundar Pichai) and Matthew Papa ChromeOS who is responsible for the technical director Staples (MatthewPapakipos) will speak at the conference and answered the questions of the participants.

Last week there was news that Google will provide a version of the ChromeOS download this week. However, for the present situation, Google have to release a complete ChromeOS system until next year, which was originally coincided with the time Google announced.

in July This year, Google announced its plans to develop ChromeOSPC operating system, designed to challenge Microsoft's Windows systems. Google said the system based on the Internet this will be released in about next Spet.

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