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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

U.S. Strategy on Afghanistan Will Contain Many Messages

Afghanistan news:

Afghanistan is full of exploding or even terrorist. All of the located are in desert and the world pay closest attention to this area.

Peace for Afghanistan? Or continue voilence

on Tuesday President Obama would “finish the job” in Afghanistan, and he clearly imply that even as he deploys an more or less 30,000 excellent soldiers in Afghanistan, US President Obama has finally figured out how to bring the eight-year-long conflict to the end. Will that be ture?

Let us wait and see

But offering that reassuring if a little contradictory signal — that by adding excellent troops he can speed the United States toward an exit — is just the first of a set of tricky messages Mr. Obama will have to deliver as he rolls out his strategy publicly in Afghanistan.

President Obama will deliver multiple messages to multiple audiences in the coming days: voters at home, allies, the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan as well, and the extremists who are also the enemy. And because President Obama’s own aides concede, the messages directed at some may undercut the messages sent to others.

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