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Friday, December 4, 2009

2010 Apple's iPhone applications will be increased to 300,000

IT news:

IDC released a report on the 2010 IT industry forecast, including the predicted Apple's iPhone mobile applications will grow to 30 million, the Internet will increase the level of this configuration, cloud computing will intensify the competition, Apple iPad Touch-screen Tablet PC will come out, and IBM will be re-thrust backwards network services and so on.

The macro level-IDC forecasts will resume next year, IT industry, growth rate of 3.2%, the global’s IT spending will reach 1.5 trillion trillion dollars.

IDC expects mobile devices will become even more important, the platform trend will be even more obvious that connect to the Internet, the mobile device will let PC eclipsed. Overall, IDC expects mobile phone sales in 2010 will be more than one billion, of which 16% are the smartphone.

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