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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Apple iPhone 3GS is the hottest seller in the smart phone market

Manufacturer: U.S. carriers: AT & T

Price :200-300 U.S. dollars

Benefits: iPhone's market share gradually moving towards the BlackBerry is justified, this phone has so many applications. According to market research firm IDC expects, iPhone application has been nearly 30 million. iPhone memory space for the 16GB and 32GB. iPhone OS upgraded, the upgrade of the camera and voice dial-up speed.

Disadvantages: Battery can not be replaced, there is no camera flash. 3 million pixel camera is difficult compared to competing products. Can not add memory card, voice quality and far from satisfactory. And U.S. consumers must be signed with AT & T for nearly 90 U.S. dollars per month in order to purchase service contracts. AT & T's service quality makes consumers angry.

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