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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chrome OS is advertising platform

IT news:

Have to admit, Google released the operating system but many people are very disappointed, as a free software will be Microsoft's killer fighter who had hoped Chrome should be at least adequate and Windows is a rival operating system. But the fact is that it like a shortcut added browser.

However, Google is not disappointed at all with the recent Google Chrome, and it would like to use the Internet with the pattern of the impact of what operating system market. According to a Linux expert, Google is developing a series of Chrome the operating system which is able to cope with the Internet in this, the Internet's biggest advantage is the cheap price of only 20 U.S. dollars, converted about 120 CNY also, for this seemingly low exaggerated the price, Google plans Chrome access to the Internet through the pre-implantation of this in the cost of advertising to cover the gap.

Even the ad platform, the price of 120 yuan is attractive enough, do not know what the Internet Use this access method, Chrome system- all services rely on networks and it can not log Chrome Internet Internet equivalent of the basic bricks to ensure that the boot will be able to be ideal choice for 3G network when choosing wireless broadband, so if the network environment and the Internet on prices are not satisfactory, Google's low-cost consumers may still not be impressed.

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