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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WiFi is not important

IT news:

analysts say 3G network meet the needs of iPhone Internet access

December 30 News, China Unicom version of iPhone does not have Wi-Fi functionality, Wi-Fi signals can not take advantage of Internet access, three electrical consulting ZHENG Heng, senior analyst, said, Wi-Fi signals only exist in the big cities , while China Unicom is currently deployed in 285 cities in the 3G network, iPhone users have to meet the demand for high-speed Internet access.

A net friend point out that iPhone price is too high, even higher than notebook computers. In this regard, ZHENG Heng said the iPhone Fun Most of us will find iPhone more advanced than the computer.

It is reported that Apple APP store the addition of Chinese class choice, and now with the iPhone as long as the landing APP, Web site automatically identify display Chinese interface a lot easier than the original, if the purchase of billing software, you can play something more, there are international VISA Chang Card account you can register one of the APP.

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