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Sunday, January 17, 2010

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone VS BlackBerry mobile phone operating system

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RIM BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry (BlackBerry) mobile phone operating system has been unable to meet the actual needs of today's consumers. Although the BlackBerry platform is sufficient for some users, but Apple, Google's similar products, compared the performance of BlackBerry operating system, it has lagged behind. RIM future-oriented hardware design at the same time, they have on the BlackBerry upgrade the operating system itself, or can not pull the overall BlackBerry sales.

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

BlackBerry Storm smart phone allows users to quite a headache. Storm of the poor performance of the software running, heavy body, the user interface needs to be improved. In response to the challenges of iPhone from Apple, RIM did not retreat but to introduce a stronger performance, touch screen mobile phone. In this way, RIM must be a major upgrade of the Storm. Prior to HTC (HTC), Motorola, Palm and even have launched similar products with better performance, so RIM needs to work to catch up with it.

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