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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

comScore: 11 Yue Google is still the largest U.S. network assets

Internet news:

January 6, according to foreign media reports, Internet traffic monitoring bodies comScore today released its U.S. online video market in November 2009, the latest Data show that in November, Google site is still the largest U.S. online video assets for video viewing volume reached 12.2 billion times. YouTubeh 99%. Hulu ranked second volume of video watched 924 million times. Viacom and Microsoft Web site separated three, four, video, watch the amount of 5 billion and 4.8 billion times.

There are 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video in November, the average person watched 182 videos. Month, total U.S. online video viewing 310 billion, Google Web site in which the proportion is 39%. Google Web site attracted 1.29 million unique viewers, watching an average of 94.7 video.

Yahoo ranked the second, attracting 55 million independent viewers who watched an average of 8.5 videos.

Fox Interactive Media has attracted 50 million independent viewers that watched an average of 8.9 video, ranked the third.

In November, Hulu viewers watch an average of 21.1 video, the highest ever.

In November, TremorMedia ,as the number one video advertising network, covered 85 million video subscribers, accounting for 49.8% of all video users. video network and video network YuMe ranked second and third, respectively, covering 80 million video customers, respectively, 73 million.

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