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Monday, January 25, 2010

Could you serf the Internet Anywhere

Internet news:

There is no Wi-Fi, as if our society can not operate normally, but it is when it became popular in 2000, up. Before that, we use the Ethernet cable, connect to the network are the main ways is through telephone lines. Every few years, we are all connected to the network approach becomes more convenient and faster.

At any time, anywhere can be the Internet, mainly in two aspects: First, the rise of wireless 3G and 4G, and second, Wi-Fi coverage of the global trend.

We first talk about 3G, since it is in the early 20th century, the emergence of 00, was quickly introduced the world's major cities. Now, connect to the network and management functions of the mobile phone has become as simple as, in the 4G network and the 4G phone appears, its speed has also been greatly improved. Even rumors that Apple's production of flat-panel computer has a data storage plan by Verizon and the United States telecommunications companies AT & T offers 3G network. A growing number of notebook computers have built-in 3G access.

However, a more exciting is the coverage of the nation's Wi-Fi network is expected to realize. U.S. Federal Communications Commission auction in 2008, has a 700 MHz wireless spectrum, when Google has billions of dollars to auction, the auction attracted a more widespread concern. Some people speculated that Google tried to use this spectrum to build a Wi-Fi coverage nationwide network. In the end Verizon won the auction, combined with the current Internet technology point of view, the establishment of the nation's Wi-Fi networks, the possibility of still very large.

In any case, the future there will be more devices to access network, and as time goes by, these networks will become more common. May be 10 to 20 years later, people will surprise laptop can not connect to Wi-Fi signal, or 4G era.

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