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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Germany and France government called for a boycott at Microsoft IE browser

Browser news:

According to foreign media reports, Germany and France, the Government has recently publicly called for a national boycott the use of Microsoft InternetExplorer browser, intended to complete to promote Microsoft zero-day vulnerabilities posed by Google hacking system hazards as soon as possible.

Microsoft acknowledged last week that its IE browser flaws have been used to Google's network infrastructure attacks, including access to China's human rights activists and some U.S. companies Gmail accounts. Dell E5400 battery

Last Friday, a security company Maikeefei openly stated that this vulnerability exploit code is already in a number of sites mailing list publicly released.

The German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) last Friday, and said Internet users currently use other search engines may be temporarily, until Microsoft solve the problem, which is also crucial, while the government also suggested that Internet users were given not to place undue reliance on Microsoft alternative proposals. Dell Studio 14 battery

Office of the local network security company in a press statement said that "in the protection mode InternetExplorer, and prevent the installation of some plug-in will only make use of computers less convenient, but also can not completely stop the hackers. Therefore, BSI recommends users Microsoft patches were released prior to the use of other search engines. "

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