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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Office2010 beta download hot 50-day break 2 million times


According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Office Manager Rachel Erbang Di (Rachel Bondi) revealed that, in just 7 weeks time Office 2010 Beta version of the downloads already broke two million times.

Bundy said: "Office 2010 beta version of a great to attract the user's use of interest rate, far exceeding that downloaded Office 2007,the current total have been downloaded more than 2 million times, 40000 times per day."

In recent quarters, Office sales, worse, in view of users, the Office 2010 beta version of the high enthusiasm, I believe the official listing of new products, Microsoft is bound to stimulate sales.

Office 2010 final version is expected in the first half of this year, earlier this week, Microsoft also released Office 2010 versions of the price. Among them, families and Student Edition priced 149 U.S. dollars, commercial version of 279 U.S. dollars, while the professional version of 499 U.S. dollars.
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