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Friday, January 1, 2010

Twitter short review

Company Profile: Twitter is a social networking site with the nature of micro-blog, a user can send 140-character text messages to share with others.

Acquisition of reasons for this: According to the U.S. market research firm comScore data, Twitter unique visitors per month has more than 60 million and is the most popular and fastest-growing social networking websites. Google had hoped to enter by virtue of Orkut social networking area, but without success. The latest wave Google (Google Wave) has yet to dispel doubts about the user. The user's online social networking site users a long time than normal, while Google's advertising partners also hope to use this advantage.

Negative factors: Twitter's business model has not been established, the company is not ready for ads. Twitter has also recently faced serious security problems. And because Twitter brand awareness is very high, so if Google's acquisition of Twitter, there is likely to face regulatory scrutiny.

Purchase probability: very low. If you want to ask which company made money from Twitter, it is likely that Google, but analysts still question the profitability of Twitter

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