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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Europe and the United States in 2010 implanted ads

Media fragmentation has enriched the advertising carrier implantation

Film and television industry has long been tied with the implantation of advertising become America's primary mode of operation. Arizona State University Michael Wiles recent study of 24 films in 126 implants ad. The choice of the film, there are strict criteria. First, the films in the first week of release must be given 20 million U.S. dollars of the proceeds; Secondly, the implantation of the ads must be visual or sound with the audience. Who meets these two conditions of advertising brands, has a rising trend in stock prices on average rose 0.89%. However, any implanted in the sex and violence in the film which would lead to stock decline.

However, according to the U.S. "brand channel" statistics, the film as the implantation of the most important advertising vehicle for its importance is waning. In 2008, Ford, Apple, Mercedes-Benz in the year the film implanted in the top three, the number of implants were 22 times, 20 times and 13 times. In 2009, ranking highest in apples, the number of implants is only 18 times, ranking first in the Ford ad before the implantation of only 13.

Media fragmentation makes the dominance of traditional media, gradually give way give the Internet as the representative of the new media. Many enterprises began to social networking, online video marketing opportunities on the tap. Coca-Cola has established a fan on the Facebook page, the Coca-Cola all the information embedded in the page text or video. Coca-Cola Company Chairman and staying at home and will be able to directly understand the dynamics of consumers.

Implanted by the scene-mode-type implants to the market changes

"Today's advertising is not simply implant put a can of Coke on the counter so simple." Carusa said Andy Donchin, director of National Radio, "It is about how your product into a Show of."

In June 2009, in Los Angeles, Alexander Hamilton High School graduation ceremony, the 18-year-old Messi to publicly declare a boy: "I love you, Miller." Audience sensation. A few days later, Messi received a 1800 U.S. dollars check.

Mehi confession caused by disturbances in fact from 20 Century Fox Film Corporation own creation, while the Hollywood studios, but 2 miles away from Milton High School.

It turned out that Fox are going all out to create a romantic film, "I love you, Cooper," the opening film that is male character in the graduation ceremony on the beloved girl confession. In the film before the release of films, Fox intends to make the story appear in real life scenarios, so not only hired Mehi VGP-BPS8 battery, but also speculation in the network planning of this video, it has become a Hollywood movie implant new means of marketing.

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