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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gates firmly believe that Apple can not replace laptop

IT news:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced today that CEO Brent Ashland discussion Bnet Apple iPad, Gates iPad impressesvery well.

There is no doubt that Apple Apple M4685 trys to become the market creators, cut into the tablet PC. However, to date, most of the Tablet PC were forgotten.

In his speech, Gates, through a non-preference of the iPad attitude, he said there is no great for iPad. Nevertheless, Gates was given for the iPhone highly of it. Gates said: "You know, I read and touch screen digital heavily dependent on, but I still believe that integration of voice, pen and a physical keyboard - in other words, laptop - is still the mainstream." He believes that iPad is a good paragraph reader.

In fact, Prior to this, Gates was the main promoter of Tablet PC, however, even if Microsoft took action can not be stirred up the market waves. Gates said "notebook is still the mainstream," may also be frustrated after the change in his views.

Apple iPad is not a magical product - many business executives are prepared to hold similar views, the following executives to listen to other comments:

PVI chairman, said Liu Cheng, iPad not suitable for a long time to read, can only be regarded as temporary e-book reader.

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch (RupertMurdoch) recently said that there is no content support, such as Apple's iPad device is an electronic shell.

Acer Taiwan president, Lin Hsien-Lang (ScottLin), said recently that Apple iPad tablet PCs Apple M6385, and there is no technical difficulty, but Acer has no intention to enter the market.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is that it is not nothing new at all, just a large version of the iPod touch.

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