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Friday, February 5, 2010

Google Nexus One has been sold for 80000 in the first month

Google news:

According to foreign media reports, research firm Gartner Flurry shows from the latest data that Google Nexus One mobile phone Apple Powerbook G3 batterysales only reached 80000 in the first month after the listing.

Last month, Google introduced its own brand smartphones Nexus One. Through the Google website his cell phone could be purchased at 529 U.S. dollars, not limited to operators. Users can also T-Mobile Order, signed two-year contract price of 179 U.S. dollars.

Flurry, according to figures released last month, Nexus One listing in the first week sales of only 2 million units, far below market expectations. In contrast, Motorola Droid mobile phone sales the first week of 25 million units, while the iphone 3G battery is a whopping 1.6 million.

Today, Nexus One already on the market a month, Flurry latest data show, Nexus One first month's total sales volume is equally disappointing, only 80000. In contrast, the first month of the first-generation iPhone Apple M6385 sold 600,000, Droid 52.5 million units.

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