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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Google Wave Launched iPhone version

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Google to bypass Apple's application store, launched Google Wave of the iPhone version of the browser you can directly access the normal use of the product.

Google Real-time collaboration tools Google Wave is still in the packaging and testing phase, only 10 million people can take part in the first test. However, surprisingly, Google Wave has been used in the iPhone.

iPhone users need only directly in the Safari browser to access, is not supported at this time there would be a warning to the browser, but users ignore the warning, you can normally use Google Wave. According to industry sources, the site specifically for Webkit-based browser has been optimized, iPhone and Google Android are built-in browser, type browser. Android users can also use Google Wave.

In addition, users will be Google Wave bookmarks saved in the iPhone desktop, you can completely skip the Safari browser interface.
The difference is that the user click on the desktop icon to access Google Wave, you can not jump to other websites. Its function in the browser with the Web application is running exactly the same effect.

Google would not be submitted for Apple's audit, the user can provide application for the iPhone. View of its earlier refusal to Google a number of Apple iPhone applications, tensions between the two sides. So for Google, bypassing Apple's application store should be a good choice.

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