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Monday, February 15, 2010

Microsoft has developed its own mobile phone optimistic about Windows Mobile 7

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has a long and tortuous road to recovery of the mobile phone market operations may be held in Barcelona next month, "World Mobile Congress" made a major breakthrough.

Appeared on the occasion of Pocket PC, Microsoft launched the WindowsCE operating system that is trying to dominate the field of handheld mobile device operating systems. Now Microsoft has launched WindowsMobile7 is a substantial transformation of WindowsCE based on the new R & D after the operating system for mobile handheld devices. Held in Barcelona in March the "World Mobile Congress", the company will be the first to show WindowsMobile7 operating system.

The sources revealed that Microsoft plans this summer to finalize the design WindowsMobile7 source code, so that you can push the market after the end of WindowsMobile7 user can use the new software.

In addition, Microsoft is also building a new customer phone line, which cell phone spy photos have appeared on the Internet last year. The phone is a Sidekick model of the latest products, Microsoft is developing its own production lines will be Sidekick cell phone models of R & D company in its acquisition of Danger. While Microsoft may not produce their own mobile phones on the Internet is now widely rumored that the "Zune phone" but that it does and the Zune phone was inextricably linked (Zune is Microsoft's 2006 launch of portable media devices). Sources say that Microsoft's first mobile phone also will be available at the end of this year.

Microsoft declined to WindowsMobile7 and new mobile phone R & D to make any comments. But Microsoft's entertainment chief Robbie Butt in January of this year's CES conference has claimed that Microsoft will be in Barcelona, "World Mobile Congress" published in Microsoft's self-developed mobile phone details.
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