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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Microsoft launched Facebook desktop client


Microsoft PDC09 demonstrated Silverlight 4 in the Facebook application on the SilverFace in last week's conference, although Microsoft did not provide SilverFace download, but Microsoft has for Windows users with another Facebook desktop client Fishbowl.

Fishbowl is a WPF-based desktop application that allows users to use Facebook's API through a simple user interface to access Facebook. Fishbowl also includes some Windows 7's unique features, such as the task bar notification, Jumplist and taskbar preview and other functions.

Fishbowl interface, full support for multi-touch navigation, the user can also use gestures to a photo image search and preview of such an operation. Search photos can be described as a bright spot which is the Fishbowl feature, you can use the touch operation to open photos or mouse wheel to read photo gallery, information, notification will also be a direct pin into the Windows 7 taskbar, you can also use the feature to quickly Aero Peek See home page.

Fishbowl is still in technology preview stage, and provided free of charge to users. Microsoft says, Windows XP and Vista users can also use the application, but would have some lack of some features.

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