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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Analysts say Google Apps will threaten Microsoft Office

So far, Microsoft has successfully resisted the Google Apps attack. Office 2010 demand is very strong, in the Apps and the Offce choose between many companies and they have expressed have not really considered the Google products. However, they will indeed Apps as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Microsoft, hoping to get more benefits Dell Inspiron 700m Battery. In addition, Google Apps, users has reached 50 million, which indeed constitute a certain threat to Microsoft.

However, Apps only one million paying customers, and many HP 550 battery paid the actual price paid by the users is lower than the price of Google (50 U.S. dollars per year). Therefore, the business income is just 50 million U.S. dollars, compared to Google's annual income of 25 billion U.S. dollars in terms of really not worth mentioning.

But it will not bring any comfort to Microsoft. In fact, in the long run, Google Apps, the cheaper the price, ease of use, the higher the greater the threat to Microsoft. And Apps, a large number of popular shows that this product is really very easy to use.

Harvard professor Clayton Christensen (Clayton Christensen) that the disruptive technology can capture low-end market to get a foothold on this market user, these products are not only similar to the performance and market leader, and more cheap and convenient. The Google Apps in the eyes of many users, just one such technology.

In other words, Google Apps is still a classic disruptive technology A32 F3 battery. But it faces a strong rival is Microsoft's "cash cow" Business Office, the business contributed more than half of Microsoft's profits.

With other disruptive technologies, Google Apps in time will also be gradually getting better. Will a gradual shift from low-end market to the mid-market development, and Microsoft will be the way by adding features to protect the most profitable business. In the end, its function will exceed the number of midrange users. As long as Google Apps sufficient to meet the needs of mid-market Lg F1 battery, market share will grow substantially.

Thus, although the size of Google Apps is not great, and many large companies do not seriously consider the product, but Microsoft's Office business has not looked like the surface, less secure, but there is a big risk.

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