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Friday, March 26, 2010

Apple iPad may not release in the European Union


February 7 news, Apple may have been the name of its IpodTouch feel regret. However, Apple seems to use iPad name in the European Union will face some difficulties Laptop battery.

STMicroelectronics owns the trademark in the EU. The trademark is STMicroelectronics chips sold to mobile phone makers a trademark. iPad here is an acronym, meaning "IntegratedPassiveandActiveDevices" (integration of active and passive devices).

According to MacWorld web site reported that one may be Apple's departments in the January 18 to trademarks and designs registered with the Office of the European Union put forward the name iPad trademark application. This application is intended to allow Apple the right to use the six categories of products, the name of the iPad, of which two types of products are trademarks of STMicroelectronics already have the product, that is, Class 9 and 16 products BPS9 battery.

Category 9 products are electronic products and components. 16 products are packing boxes and paper as well as software and computer instructions Dell mini 12 battery and all other things printed on the name.

STMicroelectronics CEO CarloBozotti refuses to talk about whether he would be suing Apple, or to do business with Apple. However, he did say that his ambition is to have a "named Apple's major clients," which would mean everything.

STMicroelectronics since the September 14, 2001 the beginning of the iPad has a trademark, the trademark will expire September 1 of this year. However, this mark will be re-provided to the general, the original applicants.

Siemens in 2007, has also registered a trademark iPad. However, the trade mark in different product categories, engines and engine. Therefore, it is not a problem for Apple Laptop battery.

We believe that Apple would welcome a product name to re-consider this an excuse. However, this will soon become the laughing stock of many jokes. After all, if Apple's new product has a new name, it is expected it will soon catch on.

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