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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Google advertising promote laboratory Ad Innovations

Google news:

April 1 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Google has launched Labs for advertising features Ad Innovations, advertisers can understand the function of the new Google marketing techniques DELL M1730 Battery.

Google often go through the "Google Labs" to test new consumer products, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Search and YouTube, including the service has its own "laboratory" function .

Ad Innovations in technology Dell xps m1330 Battery, including new "tag option." If the user had previously visited the advertiser's Web site, then the function will be used in the user access to other Google services, website advertising, to users of the advertiser's ad. Another feature called "search funnel." This analysis tool will show users to advertisers and advertising interaction situation. Many online advertising company hopes to prove to advertisers, even if the user does not click on ads, they still have interaction between the ads, the "search funnel" is such a tool.

Ad Innovations in technology also includes a list of advertising products, special YouTube ads, and click to call ads for mobile phones Dell Studio XPS 13 battery. The industry believes that Google should be advertising products to establish their own laboratories, but it is expected that the bad effects of advertising products will not long remain in Ad Innovations in.

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