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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last year sales Q4iPhone increased by 98%


Google Microsoft is will act as the hero in the 3G in the future

March 12, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. investment firm Needham analyst Charlie Wolf • (Charlie Wolf) published studies have reported that the fourth quarter of 2009, worldwide shipments grew 37.2% Intelligence, of which Apple's iPhone increased as much as 97.9%, but the protagonist of the next smart phone battle will be Microsoft and Google.

Wolf said the 2009 fourth quarter shipments growth of Nokia's smart 37.3%, RIM increase of 41.2%.

Wolf pointed out that the smart phone market is staging "enclosure movement" will take place between Microsoft and Google competition. He said that Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series will not be a iPhone killer, but it could be Android killer. Windows Phone 7 Series announced that Microsoft has to catch up with the development trend of smart phones, "Microsoft already has the necessary conditions for success, Windows Phone 7 Series will enable it to Apple, Google, and RIM on the same stage a more technical Lg LM40 battery. The industry often criticized Microsoft The smart phone operating system user friendly enough, Windows Phone 7 Series will make it all the past. "

Wolf said that the next smart phone war is the real protagonist of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series and Google's Android. Android have certain advantages, such as free, allowing handset manufacturers to customize the interface Lg LB52113B battery. However, Android has not yet entered the corporate market, from the Windows desktop and server set up the enterprise market Windows Phone 7 Series will be a major advantage.

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