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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Microsoft intends to test micro-blog service OfficeTalk


March 20, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft plans to start a business-oriented micro-blog service OfficeTalk users for testing.

OfficeTalk Microsoft did not disclose details, but said that has been engaged in internal testing, and now want customers to participate in OfficeTalk testing activities HP pavilion dv1000 Battery.

Twitter and micro-blog service similar to, OfficeTalk goal is to enable employees to share a small amount of information. Microsoft said through official blog, "OfficeTalk will be in a corporate environment provide basic micro-blog feature, employees can publish their thoughts, Dell inspiron 6000 Battery, activities and important information."

Microsoft want to make a small amount of customers testing OfficeTalk, research companies and employees to use micro-blog services.

Have been on the market for corporate users of other micro-blog services, such as SocialText, StatusNet, Yammer, Socialcast, Toshiba Satellite U300 battery, and Salesforce's Chatter.

Microsoft said the test does not mean that the company will officially release micro-blog service, "OfficeTalk is not a product, but a research project aimed at business users to understand the way the use of micro-blog service."

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