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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dell Tablet PC push large Streak to challenge iPad

Dell News:

April 17 message, using Android operating system, Dell Streak (formerly known as Mini 5) Tablet PCs will soon be sold through AT & T. However, Dell is clearly larger tablet PC ready to compete with the iPad.

According to leaked photographs of the site Engadget, Dell Vostro 2510 Battery has a 7-inch screen Streak configuration and a configuration 10-inch display Streak. According to people familiar with the situation there, said Streak 5 will be available this summer, AT & T sales. Streak 7 in the second half. Larger version of the Streak will be available next year. We should examine Streak 5 capacity as soon as possible and hope that it is a series of Android in the first Tablet PC product.

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