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Friday, April 9, 2010

Haier sponsored Shanghai World Expo U.S. Pavilion

Haier, China 2010 Shanghai World Expo sponsored by the United States Pavilion signing ceremony on April 7, 2010 Haier America and the American Museum of Shanghai World Expo in Shanghai, signed sponsorship agreements, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will become the National Museum of the official sponsors. This is the sign of Qingdao Haier, China's Shandong Museum Expo sponsor, Haier Group officially launched the Global Expo marketing plan, Haier, another Expo Hall debut. Haier America's strategic cooperation with the U.S. Pavilion and it will be a vivid manifestation of globalization and Haier.

"We are honored Haier to participate in the U.S. Pavilion in common for the visitors to provide an extraordinary experience." Shanghai World Expo U.S. Pavilion chief representative of the fee Lok Yau, said, "Shanghai World Expo is a wonderful to show the world the United States Values, Technology and opportunities for innovation, we appreciate the great support for Hailer to make this Dell Studio 1735 battery.”

Haier America vice president of marketing, Richard Bullock (Richard Block) at the signing ceremony, said: "The American Museum sponsored by Haier and the United States for us to strengthen the close relationship between the consumer provides a meaningful platform." Richard fabric Rock said, Haier entered the U.S. market 10 years strive to become a good corporate citizen, and through Haier's localization and innovative products, to become part of everyday Americans. Haier in South Carolina to establish industrial parks, open factories in the United States ever become the first Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises. Haier America Localization provide employment opportunities for the United States. Haier America sponsored the United States contribute to the community hall is another positive performance.

Richard Brock says, "U.S. Pavilion exhibition theme is 'to embrace the challenges', this theme is very close to the pursuit of Haier's market. Haier white as a global brand, the value of the core business is innovation. It is precisely because These core values of sharing, Haier can so closely with the United States has effectively Museum partnership Dell Mini 12 battery. "

Haier America Haier 10-year development of global brand strategy outlines the implementation of the full trajectory. Going out stage, Haier "first difficult part" of the gap strategy, locked in consumers demand, but no main attack of the gap competitors products, originality, launched the desks refrigerator, apartment wine cooler, small frogs, TV, etc. to win market share, the U.S. initial victory; went to the stage of Haier by R & D, manufacturing, sales and product trinity, channels, marketing, management, localization management, successfully integrate into American life Haier brand. Haier launched local products into the mainstream, including the United States top 10 chain of the mainstream channels, including channels, setting up an office, 7 hours sold 7,000 air-conditioning and many other exciting marketing case; enter the path to the stage, Haier to become First Residence life better competitive solutions provider, to create a Haier French door refrigerator on the Haier Italian three large-capacity refrigerators and washing machines and other large group of American high-end fashion products, well received by U.S. consumers. At the same time, Haier brand building steadily. In 2006, Haier set up strategic partnership with the NBA. Haier brand LOGO prominently flashed in the basketball arena, NBA Haier, the world's leading players in the debut of some market activities, cheer for the consumer sign pictured. A full range of localization Haier America Haier brand marketing to thousands of families into the United States. February 26, 2010, the U.S. "Forbes" magazine article said most overseas investment of Chinese enterprises attach importance to technology and products, very little attention to brand building, while Haier is a special case Acer Aspire 3810 Battery. Haier is China's business model for overseas brand building.

Haier's global brand director of operations Zhangtie Yan said that following the signing of Qingdao Haier, China's Shandong Expo Hall, Haier contract with the National Museum after the Expo, Haier Europe, Haier Australia also signed the host country after another museum. Expo with a large stage, Haier, Haier will make people feel, "One World, One Home" wonderful, and further build the brand Haier impact of globalization.All right reserved!