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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jobs said Apple has a "Pad" Trademark

Apple Sharing News:

April 14 morning news, according to foreign media reports today, Apple said the company has a "Pad" the suffix names that are trademarks; Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) re-emphasized this point in an email this week.

Apple had previously requested an application ContactPad renamed. The application journalPad and journalPad Bible edition of the developer Chris Ostmo recently received from Apple's App Store application informed the store, asking him to rename the application. Then Aositemo sent a letter to Steve Jobs, Apple asked why many developers are using the "Pad" as the application name, adjust the App Store policies.

Jobs said in reply, "the name of the application does not use the trademarks of other companies that is a common sense." Obviously, Jobs believes that the application was renamed and is not a major event.

However, ContactPad developers discovered that Apple did not mention third-party developers guide "Pad" is already a registered trademark of Apple Battery. In addition, all listed in the Apple trademark, only appeared in "MacPad" and the "iPad", but does not appear as the suffix name "Pad".

It is not clear whether Apple Battery can use a common suffix "Pad" as a trademark, it is unclear whether Apple is applying for the trademark. But the industry that even if Apple could apply the label requirements should not be free after the application has been accepted renamed.
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