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Friday, April 23, 2010

Twitter’s Acquisition of technology companies Cloudhopper SMS

Twitter news:

April 24, according to foreign media reports, Twitter announced that it has acquired SMS Technologies Cloudhopper this Friday. Neither side disclosed the financial terms of the acquisition agreement.

Cloudhopper AND Twitter join directly with global mobile operators, SMS service is connected, before the two sides have co-operation. Cloudhopper two founders will join Twitter.

Twitter is very important in this transaction and it will help the company access to mobile data services and smart phone market penetration is not high. Initially, high above the costs had forced the closure of Twitter's SMS functionality in many countries. Twitter executives earlier this month in the company's Chirp Developers Conference, said those problems have largely been resolved. Twitter announced the acquisition Cloudhopper in the blog, said the news release by the number of SMS continues to grow hp 311 battery.

Twitter announced last week for the first time the number of users, said user has more than 150 million, and 300,000 a day are growing.

To be continued.


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