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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A major security vulnerabilities exist Facebook


May 5 evening news, technology blog- according to American papers reported that some users complained Facebook and said the site there are significant security holes, through this vulnerability, Web users real-time chat with their friends, the information may be voyeuristic.

It was found that Facebook users of this vulnerability, said only that any user on the social networking site a few mouse clicks, you can view their 'friends' real-time chats. Users also get their friends to be subject to review of quasi-friend request. Typically, these requests contain important sensitive information.

The irony is that the security hole is in the Facebook allows users to preview their privacy settings to be triggered. In other words, there are vulnerabilities privacy feature lets other people view the user's private information.

Because of this flaw involves the privacy of nearly 500 million users, found that the vulnerability of the users on this issue has been notified Facebook.

As of press time to, Facebook has not yet issued an official comment on the matter.

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