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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Octopus magic eight-guess all the World Cup

(South Africa local time 20:30), 19th World Cup finals in South Africa Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. Spain Iniesta 117 minutes to rely on winning the final 1-0 score only 10 men became the first Dutch team won eight World Cup teams. Just two days ago, Germany obo Stockhausen aquarium octopus "Paul" would have accurately predicted the current World Cup champion, two runners-up winners. Forecast in the first battle for the World Cup third place, Paul predicted Germany would be defeated Uruguay, was third. In fact, Germany did in the July 11 game in 34 years, 3-2 Lectra Uruguay again won the third place. Forecast in the next champion, Paul chose Spain as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Today, Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0, Paul "truth God" deserved the title.

Recalling the 34 forecasts, Paul rapid action, only 11 minutes drive on the box marked with the German flag, and then open the lid to eat inside the shell removed, which indicates that the German team was witness to obtain third battle for victory. Sure enough, the German team in the 90 minutes to resolve the fighting side, He Dila's header sealed victory in 82 minutes.

Rest for 25 minutes after the octopus Paul again on the final battle to predict. In the end, Paul had to choose between Spain and the Netherlands, the Spanish flag printed boxes, predicted Spain will win the Hercules Cup final victory over the Netherlands. However, this time Paul hesitated, but lingered for a long time. Spain seems to indicate the road to win the final battle is never easy. Sure enough, the Spaniards after 120 minutes fighting hard, have Iniesta in 117 minutes to break the deadlock.

Emperor Paul octopus magic is not just predict the winner of the winners. World Cup, provided the German team's game, which were all predicted successfully. Plus the final, 8 guess 8, 100% success rate is amazing. Moreover, including the German group game defeat by Serbia and by the Spanish out of the results forecast by Paul out of 11. Paul would even lead to public anger of the German fans. Public statements of some fans, to eat it to vent their anger, for Oberhausen Aquarium specially strengthened security work to ensure the safety of octopus.

If the forward and back again, Paul's magic from the 2008 European Cup began, in addition to the final victory over Paul had predicted Germany will get champion Spain, Germany the results of the remaining 5 games are made in his 11. Two years, the octopus Paul predicted 14 to 13 times guess, guess on the rate of 93%, the success rate is terror.

Professor of mathematics Kelisibu had octopus that Paul had gone beyond the capacity of professional football results forecasters. In accordance with Kelisibu probability theory, even in the eight octopus Paul probability of 1 / 256 (because it can only predict the outcome, so the probability is 1 / 2), 0.39% probability of actually amazing! If there are fans involved in gambling, even from the German team started the first group stage, to 10 euros as a bet (see Bet & Win odds), in accordance with the octopus Emperor Paul's projections, and then the German team after 7 games, 10 the euro will become € 4,174. If another letter, Paul 1, all the money in the Spanish press him, then eight games, Paul can bring you 7931 euros. Into 7931 euros from 10 euros is nearly 800 times the benefit, Paul can make your fortunes in a month.

Octopus Paul Forecast Results:

Euro 2008: 6 guessed 5, the success rate: 83%

German team wins season opener for forecasting the results of Poland: Germany win 2-0

Group Stage Second World War and Germany's negative Croatia forecast results: Germany 1-2 Negative

Predict the final group match victory in Germany, Austria Result: Germany 1-0 win

1 / 4 final Germany wins Portugal prediction results: Germany 3-2 win

Turkey semi-final victory in Germany predict the result: Germany 3-2 win

Germany, Spain wins the final prediction results: Germany 0-1 Negative

2010 World Cup: 8 times in a 100% success rate

Germany wins team forecasts the Australian season opener for the results: Germany 4-0 win

Group Stage Second World War and Germany's negative Serbia forecast results: Germany 0-1 Negative

Predict the final group match win over Ghana in Germany results: Germany 1-0 win

1 / 8 final England win in Germany predict the results: Germany 4-1 win

1 / 4 final prediction Germany wins Argentina Result: Germany 4-0 win

Germany, Spain, the results predict a negative semi-final: Germany 0-1 Negative

34 Germany wins the final prediction Uruguay: Results: Germany 3-2 win

Netherlands, Spain wins the final prediction results: Spain wins 1-0