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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sandy Bridge chips Intel plans to restrict overclocking

July 26, according to foreign media reports, based on the upcoming Intel LGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPU group's statement, the company plans to limit the chip's overclocking capabilities, may be based only on the basis of the clock frequency of 2% -3% overclocking .

BitTech said the leak in the HKEPC and YouTube, the video proved this. Reason is that Intel has the speed of each bus clock with a single device within a binding, based on a frequency of 100MHz.

The clock generator integrated with the P67 motherboard. It passes through the DMI bus to the CPU clock signal, so no external clock generator. There are also the lack of an external clock generator with phase and measures. In the past, chip design, the external clock generator allows individual hardware alone overclocking. For example, the memory clock, CPU clock speed and SATA chipsets in the past was a separate regulation.

A Taiwan company said in Sandy Bridge System overclocking only 5MHz USB and SATA ports will result in failure. Obviously, this design can reduce product cost, so the motherboard design easier.

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