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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yahoo is testing "unlimited browsing" feature

August 9, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo has said it would show a "unlimited browsing" news feature. The new Yahoo News reported the following modules will be an increase in news related to search content, such as images, video and slide shows. Yahoo that users will consume more content.

Yahoo is working with Microsoft's cooperation will be search laptop battery engine as its algorithmic search engine. However, Yahoo is still responsible for search user interface.

Because of this feature is currently testing a small number of users, most people in the Yahoo News also see this feature, so, Yahoo provides a screenshot of this feature.

The image window displays the article in Yahoo News section below the laptop battery, to provide users with the topic they are interested in more information. The idea is to provide users with more content, does not require the user to carry out more searches.

Yahoo's search product manager Caroline Tsay and Yahoo search product manager Marc Davis said that the application of this feature in the first week, our internal data shows that users view the news section of Yahoo's search of information that we have seen the number of almost similar function of view twice the number of search laptop battery information.

If Yahoo can take advantage of "unlimited browsing" feature to show more ads to users, which will promote the relevance of lagging behind Google, Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo development.

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