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Monday, September 27, 2010

Technology Innovation Award is out from Wall Street

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Let us let a look at the winner of the Technology Innovation Award

Oregon InEnTec LLC company by virtue of high temperature plasma gasification technology from domestic and industrial waste in the production of synthetic fuels and won awards in the field.

This technology provides a cleaner way of waste disposal, waste incinerators can be an alternative to traditional combustion.


Seawater desalination technology for the earth by water problems caused almost inexhaustible supply of drinking water. However, to achieve this goal, researchers will have to reduce the required drinking water become a huge energy consumption.

California NanoH2O Inc. Company has invented a nano-reverse osmosis membrane technology, seawater desalination plant in a significant 25% reduction in operating costs, for which the company won the title of creative field of the environment.

Health Information Technology

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services led more than 20 federal government departments jointly developed a software called Connect, to make health care providers for its electronic exchange of medical information can be obtained in the field of Innovation Award

Materials and other basic technology

Manufacture of cement can be carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. British Novacem Ltd. Invented a new method, so that the cement production process more than the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

The secret of this technology is the use of magnesium instead of calcium carbonate, which is the main component of Portland cement manufacturing, and Portland cement is the most common kind of cement type. Magnesia cement appeared in a long time ago, but in the past, its quality has been better than Portland cement, and the production process also releases carbon dioxide.

Medical Equipment

Zoom Focus Eyewear LLC is a comprehensive current Silver Innovation Award winner, is the first name of medical equipment.