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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AMD official test Zacate APU

By convention, held every autumn Intel IDF in San Francisco when, AMD will own the ring in the side of the display, also showcase the latest technology. This year, Intel introduced in the Sandy Bridge, AMD will come up with a Fusion APU family Zacate, this is the first time in North American debut of the Dell Latitude D620 battery processor.

AMD's new processor next year, can be divided into three parts: Bulldozer (Bulldozer) new structure for high-end desktops and servers, GlobalFoundries 32nm manufacturing process, in the fourth quarter of a kind, at some point next year, released; Llano APU for mainstream desktop and mobile, GF 32nm technology, integrated framework Phenom II graphics core and Dell Latitude D630 battery DX11 GPU core, the end of the second quarter of 2011 released; Zacate / Ontario APU respectively, for ultra-thin notebooks and netbooks, TSMC 40nm process, Bobcats (Bobcat) new structure graphics core and DX11 GPU core, thermal design power 18W/9W.

From the bottom of the package contact situation, Zacate APU seems only support 64-bit single-channel DDR3 memory.

It is estimated that the processor core is about 9.1 mm, a width of 8.1 mm, an area of about 74 mm2, where each core 4.6 mm2 Bobcats, each at 3.0 mm2 512KB secondary cache, estimated at 380 million transistors, GPU graphics core or 80 stream processors.

In contrast, Intel Pineview Atom using 45nm process in Dell Latitude D630 battery, 176 million transistors, the core area of 9.6 × 9.1 = 87 square mm, 9.7 mm2 each core, 512KB secondary cache 4.4 mm2.

Site of the exhibition, AMD notebook platform placed two sets were based on Zacate APU, Intel Core i5, which also comes with integrated graphics HD Graphics. Also in both 1024 × 768 resolution, low-quality settings to run "City of Heroes".

AMD also used two sets of platforms running a number of GPU hardware acceleration IE9 related test, Zacate APU advantage is more obvious, one side is 47FPS, the other side only 14FPS.

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