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Friday, November 12, 2010

Apple's acquisition of Wi-Gear

News about Apple,

It was revealed this message to the attention Apple 9to5Mac all dynamic Web site, said it bought a small Bluetooth headset in the San Francisco design firm. The company name is Wi-Gear, the production of the 3rd generation A2DP stereo Bluetooth headset iMuffs Free software download. Even the previous generation of iPhone and iPod does not support the Bluetooth 2.0 standard, iMuffs between the iPhone and the iPod with the still very good. Wi-Gears of products, particularly for Apple's products.

However, the company has now closed. See next graph, from the company's official page:

Apple plans to use the technology from Wi-Gear and experience, equipment and Macbooks iOS design / production of Bluetooth headsets Free software download. Apple seems to have never heard of in the Bluetooth headset market is big as the acquisition of the Wi-Gear will help Apple's performance in this market. And if Apple does not manufacture any experience Bluetooth Stereo Headset, direct acquisition of a small company, is a rapidly by the relevant patent and experience a good way.

In LinkedIn, we have seen Wi-Gear's engineers may be added to Apple, and this confirms our speculation. We also found that Wi-Gear's founder Michael Kin iOS is now Apple's Bluetooth engineers.

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