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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Motorola Biography "Olympus" will also support dual-core

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Android's machine, just like the original Windows Mobile in the case, there have been many powerful of the king of the machine are now standard on Android has come with 1G CPU, 512MB of RAM to run, there are more and more of the Laptop battery screen The only constant is the Android operating system.

If anything can be more exaggerated than the 1GHz processor is the phone's dual-core processor. And the computer's dual-core processors, dual-core processor on the phone can provide higher performance and smaller energy consumption. Nvidia Tegra2 dual-core design is becoming popular dual-core processor. Maybe Android will become the next generation of machines in the Emperor's standard.

Two days ago, LG's dual-core machine is leaking out of Android, the data show that its dual-core processor is built by the Nvidia Tegra2, with 1GHz of processing speed, 4-inch big screen, 800 million pixels with flash camera Laptop battery, video recording 1080p high-definition format, but also with the front camera.

As expected, follow the trend soon. Motorola latest rumors, codenamed "Olympus" of the phone now will use Nvidia's Tegra2 processor. And indeed there have been developed to determine the Motorola processors used Tegra2 phone plans. So the truth of this rumor quite high. In addition, it also rumored to be in the first quarter of 2011.

Android machine's configuration more exaggerated, the profits of manufacturers were down, but prices have become relatively cheap, machine beneficiaries of the sea battle, or do we consumers. Only, which for the manufacturers, not good news for Bale.

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