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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Analysts say the BlackBerry mobile Internet market in the U.S. over Apple

December 1, according to foreign media reports, Web analytics firm StatCounter report released Wednesday in the U.S. Internet market, RIM's BlackBerry operating system in mobile Internet use for the first time over Apple iOS.

StatCounter noted that in November the BlackBerry operating system market share of 34.3%, more than 33% Apple. Android's market share is increasing rapidly, the system in the United States last year was only 8.2% market share, has now reached 23.8%.

Aodhan Cullen StatCounter founder and CEO said that if present trends continue, then Android Blackberry and Apple's market share will reach iOS 2 times.

However, the data in the world, the BlackBerry operating system Free software download continues to lag behind Apple. According to the report, Symbian operating system market share of 31.9%, followed by Apple iOS 21.9%, and the third is the BlackBerry operating system, 19.3%, the fourth is the Android operating system, 11.6%.

In addition, Microsoft's latest operating system Free software download Windows Phone 7 did not appear in this published data, but said it would StatCounter 2011 and beyond, the performance of the operating system monitor.

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