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Friday, December 24, 2010

IBM released D holographic technology mobile phone or temporal prediction in the next 5 years

IBM released the annual "the next 5 years, 5 Forecast" report on the technological development of the next 5 years to 5 Predictions, including air power battery, 3D projectors for mobile phones and personal travel and other technologies.

1. Air power cell. IBM predicts that by 2015, transistor and battery technology advances "will allow electronic devices to increase battery life 10 times longer than today."

Today's lithium batteries will be replaced by air power, "this high-energy batteries use the air and the metal reaction, the release of a catalyst to extend battery life."

"If realized, these powerful lightweight rechargeable battery to drive electric cars from consumer electronic devices to all products like Toshiba PA3285U-3BAS battery."

"Even in some cases, smaller devices will not need batteries," IBM said this is because the energy consumption of each transistor will be reduced to less than 0.5 volts, and benefit from the "energy harvesting" (energy scavenging) technology.

"Now some of the watches are already using this technology: they can charge by the movement of the arm," IBM said, "The same concept may also be used to charge the phone on, so to speak, you just need to dump about cell phone to can call. "

2. 3D hologram phone. Loaded with 3D holographic camera phone will allow users to connect with friends in real-time 3D holographic video chat.

3. Personalization for bus systems. IBM scientists have also developed a personalized system for travel. This system uses a mathematical model of innovation and predictive analysis techniques to provide the best for people to travel for a day travel routes.

"Since the study using the transport system will direct the user's behavior patterns and to provide more dynamic information on travel and road safety." IBM said.

4. Ubiquitous sensors. IBM said that the body itself will become a "walking sensor" for the fight against global warming, protect endangered species Laptop battery, invasive plant and animal tracking, etc. provide valuable data.

"In the next five years, mobile phones, cars, wallet sensors will be able to collect data, to scientists to provide a real-time picture of your surroundings Toshiba PA3284U-1BAS battery." IBM said.

The report said, "There will be a large number of" citizen scientists ", the use of simple sensor has been collecting large amounts of data for scientific research."

5. Energy recycling. IBM said that scientists will find that the heat from the data center recovery, recycling and better ways to use energy to heat buildings in winter, air-conditioned in the summer for energy.

The report also said, "IBM chip developed water treatment systems and extraction of heat from the computer processor, will be recovered enough heat to provide hot water for the office or home."

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