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Friday, December 3, 2010

Windows Phone7 into the Chinese market next year

In fact, Microsoft just announced as early as the WindowsPhone 7 system, people began to focus its Xbox Live functionality, Microsoft's move is not just tit for tat with old rival Apple, but to be able to grab the future of mobile gaming More share.

In WindowsPhone 7 version of Xbox Live will be a Xbox Live Games. It is reported that, Xbox Live Games will be provided in addition to games, but also contains a number of entertainment software. This shows that the future we can play high-quality Windows Phone game. In addition, all the WindowsPhone7 games can be across the XBOX, Windows PC, WindowsPhone operates three platforms, and can be archived in the game after any one platform in another open this archive to the game. From this WindowsPhone7 the game function is quite powerful.

Microsoft's Game Developers Conference in GDC2010 published in the latest version of XNA Game Studio 4.0 game development tools. The software will integrate Visual Studio 2010, 3D hardware acceleration API implantation. The most important thing is to provide Windows Phone 7 series, XBOX360, Windows OS operating system, the three cross-platform game development, and through Xbox Live to seamlessly between the three platforms, which means that WindowsPhone 7 games played on mobile phones can continue to play on PC and Xbox game consoles.

Microsoft's Xbox360 can be had in the game market, accounting for a large share. The reason that Xbox360 can play in a competitive market success, one of the most important reason is its image processing functions and the powerful, which may benefit fully equipped with the hardware image enhancement chip, it is precisely because it makes Xbox360 PS2 in the processor and other brands other than the case can still bring smoother HD game screen.

WindowsPhone 7 Marketplace on the current application has more than 1,000 models, although this compared to Apple's 30 million App Store applications in the somewhat trivial, but to know WindowsPhone 7 as a newly developed system that in such a short period of time to applications to over a thousand, enough to show that the mobile gaming market, Microsoft's emphasis on the degree!

Can be said Xbox Live features one of the largest mobile phone WindowsPhone 7 features, so Xbox can enter into China for the WindowsPhone 7 is also essential for China. Now we finally get from Microsoft executives to enter China next year WindowsPhone 7 confirmed, but also believe that the perfect support for Xbox Live features WindowsPhone 7 will be in the domestic mobile phone market with outstanding performance.

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