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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amazon will control the pricing of its Android application store


January 17 morning news, Amazon announced earlier this month, will create a Android application store. Latest news shows, Amazon will be responsible for application of the retail price, and application developers can only provide the "manufacturer's suggested retail price" (MSRP).

When the application developer to submit the application to the Amazon store, they can set a suggested retail price. Amazon will determine the actual retail price, the price can be a full price, discount or completely free of charge. Application developers can get 70% of the retail price, or 20% of the suggested retail price for Fujitsu ESPRIMO Mobile V5535 battery and Fujitsu LifeBook A6020 battery, the higher of the two elections.

For example, a suggested retail price of $ 10 is still the application of the retail price of $ 10, developers can get $ 7. If the $ 5 retail, developers can get 3.5 dollars. But if $ 1 retail or free, developers can still receive 20% of the suggested retail price, that is $ 2.

This paperback book and DVD on Amazon and other similar products, sales model, but for applications, Amazon without having to pay the wholesale price for Asus A32 F3 battery, no need to buy inventory. This e-book with Amazon's pricing model for different, because the Kindle e-book on the full price by the publisher.

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