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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Global mobile broadband subscribers will double to 10 billion this year


Ericsson expects the global mobile broadband users in 2010 has grown to 500 million, this year the figure will double and reach 10 billion.

Ericsson estimates that mobile broadband users in Asia Pacific will reach about 4 million, followed by North America, Western Europe, mobile broadband users more than 2 million.

Mobile broadband subscribers is mainly due to strong growth, smart phones, notebooks and tablet laptop battery PCs the rapid growth of mobile Internet services and applications as well as growth. Ericsson said that the global mobile data traffic will continue to grow rapidly. Ericsson announced in August 2010, global mobile data traffic has tripled within a year.

Ericsson expects the global mobile broadband laptop battery users by 2015 will reach 3.8 billion, of which 95% use HSPA, CDMA and LTE networks.

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