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Friday, January 28, 2011

Samsung 2.7 billion fourth quarter operating profit below expectations

January 28 morning news, Samsung Electronics today announced that due to weak demand in the global TV and computer prices fell hurt the amount of chips and flat panel displays and other main business, the company's fourth quarter fiscal 2010 hit a six-quarter earnings to the worst record.

Samsung's fourth-quarter operating profit of 3.01 trillion won (about 2.7 billion), less than analysts average estimate of 3.4 trillion won; the last quarter and last year was 4.9 trillion won and 3.44 trillion won.

Earlier this month, Samsung laptop battery expects fourth-quarter operating profit in 2800 to 3200 billion won between.

Samsung mobile phone market behind Nokia, Sony and LG laptop battery TV market competition in the semiconductor market is competitive with Toshiba and Hynix.

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