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Friday, January 21, 2011

the upcoming release of new software Windows Phone 7

January 22 morning news, Windows Phone developer Julian Scarman (Julien Schapman) plans to release a Windows Phone 7 device management software, which will include a new method of escape system.

Scarman will be the first time Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 released after the software update. The software with the previous Windows Phone 7 jailbreak software ChevronWP7 are forged up the server method implementation escape purposes, but the methods vary Scarman and more reliable.

Scarman do not want to disclose more details because he did not want Microsoft in the next update fixes vulnerabilities used by its software.

Last November, a software for the first time called ChevronWP7 Windows Phone 7 unlock the phone, allowing mobile phones to install third-party software of the system in Hp Pavilion dm3 battery and Sony VGP BPS12 battery. But as Microsoft's request, ChevronWP7 software developer withdrew from the official website of the software down.

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