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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

South Korea will increase by 100 times to 1Gbps next year

February 23 morning news, although already has the world's fastest network speed, but the Korean government does not meet, they also planned to the end of 2012 all households in the country to provide speeds up to 1Gbps of ultra high-speed Internet.

Although South Korea has been amazing the current speed, but 1Gbps is 100 times its current speed, the average American family is to achieve speeds of 200 times.

South Korean government has already started in 5 cities in Korea tests 1Gbps high-speed Internet project, 5,000 families are currently involved in testing, Internet access fees paid each month is about 3 million won (less than 27 U.S. dollars).

Barack Obama in last month's State of the Union speech like Dell Inspiron 1525 battery and Dell Vostro 1320 battery, said: "The South Korean households now than our speed." Last week, Obama also signed a total of about 1.87 billion broadband spending plans.

In addition, the South Korean government also plans to increase ten times the speed of wireless broadband.


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