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Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to upgrade your smartphone to machine 4.0

I assert read with the aim of the approaching Samsung Galaxy Nexus has machine 4.0. What did you say? Are the changes in the sphere of it compared to machine 2.3? Can I upgrade my Galaxy S II to machine 4.0?

-- Puneet Kaushik

Machine 4.0, in addition called Ice Cream Sandwich, brings in the sphere of a complete overhaul of the Dell GRNX5 interface. As a replacement for of hardware buttons, it at this moment has virtual machine buttons on behalf of menu, back and household.

Other new to the job facial appearance include unlock using cope with recognition, improved camera, built-in photo editor, machine Beam NFC (near prevent communications ), a new to the job tabbed mess browser and a new to the job gallery explain.

It in addition brings in the sphere of improvements to copy/ paste, baby grand, widgets, launcher, videocassette recording, voice recognition, search and voicemail . Samsung has announced with the aim of the Galaxy SII strength of character subsist updated to machine 4.0, though rebuff set dates assert been announced the same as to as the revise strength of character subsist obtainable.

Is near a way through which I can import my email messages from Yahoo and other mail accounts to my Gmail explanation?

--Puneet Bansal

To import email messages from several other mail service into Gmail, sign in the sphere of and pass away to 'Mail Settings'. At this time, excellent the 'Accounts and Import' tab and you strength of character catch sight of an option on behalf of 'Import mail and Contacts'. Click on it and a new to the Dell GRNX5 job window strength of character straight up asking you to enter an email explanation. Enter the email take up from which you require to import the data and click on subsequently.

On the side with the aim of opens up, enter the password to your mail explanation on behalf of validation. A long time ago your password is permitted, Gmail strength of character create you options to import mails, import contacts and add a detailed label to all imported mails from the other explanation. Subsequently click on import to start the process.

It can take upto 2 days on Dell GRNX5 behalf of all your mails and contacts to subsist transferred to your gmail explanation depending in the lead the amount of email messages stored.

To check the progress, pass away to Settings > Accounts and Import and under the 'Import mail and Contacts' slogan you strength of character catch sight of the amount of added emails. Under all email take up, it strength of character agricultural show you a status: Importing or else Imported.