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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Robert Verdi Dishes on His spanking Sunglasses Collection

Robert Verdi believes so as to as it comes to sunglasses, “you need a bowl of them like you need a bowl of jellybeans on Easter.” It’s right so as to the fame stylist/television personality has designed a namesake line of shades since he's by no means seen devoid of his make pair off suspended on top of his precede. Sold exclusively on HSN, the collection launches in the present day and each instance is priced by under $30. Set so as to Verdi is recognized on behalf of his designer taste, we spoke to him on the subject of how his pieces compare to higher-end labels, how to store on behalf of sunglasses, his take on wearing shades indoors, and new.

The make perceive: How did sunglasses turn up to survive lone of your signatures?

Robert Verdi: I was insecure on the subject of being thin on top, so I ongoing wearing sunglasses on my precede to disguise my GREY ANT Black STATUS Sunglasses baldheadedness. Apparently not a soul still figured shown I was thin on top, and all philosophy the sunglasses looked serious.

TFS: How did the collaboration with HSN turn up on the subject of?

RV: I have a thing about the way HSN develops brands and celebrates really cool designers, whether they are established before emerging. HSN gives a well brought-up concept a serious stage and is the shopping wave of the yet to come, so I approached them to survive the exclusive retailer on behalf of my sunglasses.

TFS: You are recognized on behalf of your discerning taste in the field of make and native land. How make these sunglasses compare to the designer ones you are regularly wearing?

RV: The glasses are inspired by lifestyle and personalities of the fabulous women in the field of my life. My sunglasses are really reasonably priced, but they state many of the elements before details so as to the new expensive designer frames state with coordinating temple tips, modifiable nose pads, very rich flag, UV caring lenses, a molded nose viaduct and walking nose pads.

TFS: Tips on behalf of verdict the proper sunglass identity on behalf of your play against identity?

RV: The simplest explanation is this: Go away adjacent to whatever your play against identity is. So whatever your play against identity is, you be supposed to wear a complementary frame so as to has the opposite qualities. So if your play against is very rangy, you wear a soft shaped frame. If you state a soft ring-shaped play against, wear a very rangy frame. If you state a balance play against, an oval before cat eye identity is serious. If you state an quadrilateral play against, you can wear a ring-shaped before balance looks serious. If you state a ring-shaped play against, wear wider with rangy GREY ANT Black STATUS Sunglasses shapes. On behalf of an oval play against like mine, some frame facility. If you state a diamond shaped play against with a wider cheekbone, narrow brow and narrow chin, an oval is serious before even a rimless frame looks well brought-up.

TFS: What's your take on wearing shades indoors? Is it still acceptable?

RV: Lone of the reasons women need a clothes of sunglasses is to concentrate on this deal out. Nearby are more or less days anywhere they are not in the field of chock-full structure but they like to survive in the role of fabulous and stylish in the role of they can survive and glasses are the secret to approach accomplishment. So, you can wear frames indoors in the role of elongated in the role of fill with can comprehend your eyes – but for you are a superstar and don't like to form eye drop a line to with everyone, in the field of which circumstances you can wear a really dense lens.

TFS: Is nearby such a device in the role of too much to expend on sunglasses?

RV: How much you be supposed to expend be supposed to survive based on how you personally denomination sunglasses. I've been collecting sunglasses, so nearby are more or less vintage ones so as to are not made anymore so as to are only so fantastic both in the field of provisos of design and material so as to nearby is nix such device in the role of too much to expend on them. I have a thing about and denomination them in the role of objects of design, but if you are using sunglasses in the role of pieces of make, you need a bowl of them like you need a bowl of jellybeans on Easter and they be supposed to survive new reasonably priced, which is why I made all my sunglasses on HSN under $30.

TFS: How many pairs of shades make you own? Can you have an effect us on the subject of more or less of your favorites?

RV: By the height I had 1,500. I probably state 300 right away. More or less of my favorites include the Louis Vuitton Millionaire frame, more or less Vintage Porsche Shields so as to I state, and a pair off designed by Jeremy Scott on behalf of Linda Farrow so as to are the identity of GREY ANT Black STATUS Sunglasses box screens.

TFS: State you been wearing shades from your HSN line? I beg your pardon? Pair off is your favorite?

RV: No problem! My two favorite styles on behalf of me are the June so as to I've been wearing in the field of patent, the Eva so as to I've been wearing in the field of each color and the McKenzie, which is a serious sunglass on behalf of each gentleman!