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Friday, February 14, 2014

Acer Iconia W4 re-examine

The Acer Iconia W4 is the company’s flash stab by the side of a compact Windows 8.1 tablet, and it hopes to become amends on behalf of carry on year’s disappointing Iconia W3. On paper, it does everything true: The Iconia W4 packs in the sphere of a nippier Atom Bay Trail computer, bundles a complimentary replicate of Microsoft administrative center, upgrades the make an exhibition of with a gleaming IPS panel and slashes the value to just £252 inc tub.
Design and make an exhibition of
It’s the IPS make an exhibition of with the aim of just now grabbed our attention; it’s a important progress on Iconia W3’s granular, washed-out TN panel. The 800 x 1,280 screen solution remains the same, but the wider viewing angles and vivacious colour reproduction are obvious from the comprehend turn. If there’s a no, it’s a minor single: The Acer’s bubbly image quality comes by the side of the expense of accuracy, and it only just botched to scour up each tone and tone from the sRGB colour array. Otherwise, though, it’s a solid make an exhibition of. We measured the Iconia W4’s LED backlight peaking by the side of a brightness of 312cd/m², and it delivered a fine contrast ratio of 1,030:1.
Acer Iconia W4
Make an exhibition of aside, the Iconia W4 is physically like to its predecessor. Thankfully, however, Acer has abandoned the cheap-looking matte-white kill of the unique exemplary. The Iconia W4 is far classier looking, gratitude to a brushed-metal effect which covers the rear and softens into a dull grey around the edges and front. It is still a thickset 11mm thick, but the rounded edges feel comfy in the sphere of the dispense and, by the side of 415g, it’s 85g lighter than the Iconia W3. Build quality is delightful, too, and apart from a not very trace of let somebody have in the sphere of the back panel, this is a solid, substantial-feeling compact tablet.
Unlike Asus’ stylus-equipped VivoTab mention 8, the Iconia W4 has to rely on fingertips on your own. Still, the touchscreen is supplementary than receptive a sufficient amount on behalf of flicking through webpages and navigating through Windows. Selected desktop applications can stay fiddly to consumption, but it’s at this point with the aim of the modest screen-resolution and Windows 8.1 scaling settings run calm to provide prudently sized icons and menu items. We were additionally delighted to meet with the aim of Acer has located the material Windows button on the inferior bezel – Asus’ VivoTab mention 8 motivated the Windows button to the tablet’s side, and we found it far too stress-free to press by muddle.
Acer Iconia W4
Under the lid, however, near retain been selected important changes. Acer has replaced the Iconia W3’s Intel Atom Z2760 with a 1.33GHz Atom Z3740 supported by 2GB of DDR3 RAM. The consequence is a significantly improved performance across the board and, whilst compared to machine and iOS medicine, Intel’s Bay Trail-generation Atom delivers a serious kick in the sphere of the SunSpider browser yardstick. Indeed, while the Iconia W3 soared long-ago much of the competition with a SunSpider consequence of 670ms, the Iconia W4 sped to a keep a tally of 430ms – almost 36% earlier. By way of comparison, the Apple iPad mini with Retina make an exhibition of finished the test in the sphere of 418ms.

Performance in the sphere of Windows is surprisingly powerful on behalf of such a tiny device. Despite using the same CPU having the status of the VivoTab mention 8, the Iconia W4’s Real humankind yardstick keep a tally of 0.41 outstripped the VivoTab’s consequence of 0.35. This is due to the Acer’s nippier Samsung 32GB eMMC drive. Position to the test in the sphere of the CrystalDiskMark yardstick, the Acer achieved sequential read-and-write speeds of 161MB/sec and 53MB/sec, while the Asus’ Hynix HGB4E eMMC drive lagged behind with 75MB/sec and 35MB/sec in the sphere of the same tests.

Battery life and connectivity

Acer Iconia W4

Acer AS10D51       
Acer ASO9A71      

Acer AS10D61        

The Acer’s battery is powerful a sufficient amount to keep it powering through a working day of the week. In the sphere of our looping-video test with the screen inflexible to 120cd/m², the W4 managed to hang on on behalf of 10hrs 33mins. The W4’s keep a tally in the sphere of our light-use battery test was equally impressive. With the screen dimmed to a power-conserving 75cd/m², the W4 lasted 12hrs 05mins, a comfortable 36 minutes longer than the VivoTab’s 11hrs 29mins.

The 32GB of eMMC luggage compartment is rather cramped, but can stay extended via the microSD tag slot on the tablet’s area. Acer has smear the ports around supplementary effectively than on the Iconia W3. There’s a micro-USB docks and 3.5mm headset jack by the side of the substructure of the bodywork, and on the true there's a micro-HDMI output. The inclusion of a capture on tape output is long-awaited (it was a notable absentee on Asus’ VivoTab mention 8) and adds the option of using the Iconia W4 having the status of a little desktop PC alongside a television and Bluetooth baby grand and mouse. An elective Acer ‘Crunch’ baby grand is friendly, which combines a nonthreatening person Bluetooth baby grand with a foldable exist on behalf of the tablet.


Acer Iconia W4

The Acer Iconia W4 is a colossal progress on its predecessor, largely gratitude to the inclusion of an IPS screen and earlier computer. It additionally only just bests the VivoTab mention 8 gratitude to its earlier eMMC luggage compartment, improved battery life and other capture on tape output. By the side of £250, it’s a delightful £50 cheaper, too. It might stay not there in the sphere of premium appeal, but the Iconia W4 is single of the nearly everyone promising Windows 8 medicine we’ve seen yet.

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