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Monday, July 14, 2014

5.5-inch iPhone 6 may possibly take place delayed until subsequently time, state says

IPhone owners who can't put off to follow their hands on the said 5.5-inch pattern may possibly take part in to hang on a tiny while longer.

The bigger size phone-tablet hybrid is purportedly having production problems with the aim of may possibly delay its launch. According to AppleInsider, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known KGI Securities analyst, says with the aim of while the 4.7-inch pattern preference take place to be had featuring in the fall, the so-called "phablet" may possibly take place not get in touch with the marketplace until 2015.

This state follows prior rumors with the aim of take part in hinted by the side of other problems with the 5.5-inch iPhone pattern, such such as its battery and screen know-how. Carry on month, Bloomberg reported with the aim of both sizes of the original iPhone would enter production by the side of the same point.

Near still may possibly take place problems with the device's screen -- specifically its lay a hand on sensitivity around the edges of the in-cell lay a hand on panels, according to the place. Kuo additionally purportedly predicted with the aim of a 5.5-inch navy touch-screen would not pass the dive test featuring in the close name.

Carry on week, a capture on tape showed a 4.7-inch version of come again? Was professed to take place a navy screen from the subsequently generation iPhone being stabbed, scratched and bent. Capture on tape producer Marques Brownlee famous with the aim of featuring in the put a stop to, the most awful spot on the break the surface was his fingerprints.

Kuo predicts with the aim of even if Apple postpones the availability of the 5.5-inch iPhone, launching the 4.7-inch version -- with the prior generations iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C being sold alongside it -- would not hurt Apple sales.

Introduction this fall, an Apple smartwatch -- commonly dubbed the iWatch -- is additionally likely to thump the marketplace.