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Thursday, July 24, 2014

HP Makes $50 Million Strategic Investment in the field of Hortonworks

To the steadily growing inventory of bulky companies making strategic stash in the field of the undeveloped source bulky data platform recognized at the same time as Hadoop, you can right away add computing giant Hewlett-Packard.

Re/code has learned so as to HP Laptop battery in our day spirit announce a strategic company under which it spirit invest $50 million in the field of Hortonworks, the Hadoop startup so as to spun given away of Yahoo in the field of 2011. HP spirit join the previously announced investment in circles in the field of Hortonworks led by the investment firms BlackRock and Passport wealth. Martin Fink, HP’s executive subordinate president and CTO, spirit join the Hortonworks board of directors at the same time as part of the deal.

So as to funding in circles spirit grow to $150 million and spirit bring Hortonworks’ aggregate wealth raised to $248 million. Once it was announced in the field of walk, the in circles was whispered to merit Hortonworks by north of $1 billion and viewed at the same time as a viable step near an IPO in the field of 2015. By the schedule, Hortonworks president hold up Bearden told me so as to the in circles “could give birth to been superior, but frankly we don’t need it.”

The deal can not be present at the same time as much in the region of HP’s money at the same time as it is in the region of its deep relationships with tubby companies struggling to acquire their bulky data problems under control. Hortonworks and HP spirit jointly develop Hadoop to run on HP’s Haven bulky data platform. And HP, at the same time as lone of the world’s prime suppliers of hardware, software and services to tubby corporations, spirit bewilder its import squarely behind Hortonworks, and amid other things, provide service and support.

Colin Mahony, wide-ranging executive of HP’s Vertica small business analytics software company, told me so as to in the region of partially of HP’s customers give birth to been running Hadoop Laptop battery alongside Vertica.

“When we key ongoing promotion Vertica in the field of 2007 we had been inquiry in the region of Hadoop once it was entirely getting ongoing,” he whispered. “We track all the small business brainpower tools and surrounded by a time we ongoing considering it. Right away in the region of partially our customers are deploying it elevation by elevation with Vertica. The size of deployments spirit be at odds, but it’s real and growing fast.”

Hadoop is undeveloped source machinery designed to tell somebody to it easier to succeed with tubby collections of data in the field of a strewn computing milieu. After a collection of data has been poured into a Hadoop cluster, companies can run analytics tools on it in the field of order to glean functional insights. It’s a bulky part of the superior narrative around “big data” we hear so often these days. The understanding is basically so as to you can be taught a fate by asking sharp questions of whatever data you turn out to pull together. The trick is figuring given away I beg your pardon? Questions to ask. EBay and Twitter are two bulky users of Hadoop machinery.

Hadoop itself is an undeveloped source project run by the Apache Foundation. The Yahoo team so as to fashioned it went on to start Hortonworks, with the aspiration of building a business small business by at the bottom of companies deploying Hadoop.

This deal characterscters a new strategic collaboration on behalf of Hortonworks. Lone with Red Hat was announced in the field of February. Hortonworks and machinery with Microsoft — its distribution of Hadoop runs on Windows at the same time as well at the same time as Linux — and it has reseller agreements with Teradata and SAP.

The deal and brings the aggregate of stash in the field of Hadoop companies this time to not quite $1.2 billion: Microprocessor giant Intel led a $900 million in circles in the field of Cloudera in the Laptop battery field of walk, and preceding month MapR landed $110 million in the field of a in circles led by Google wealth.

The HP-Hortonworks collaboration, though much slighter, is parallel in the field of a few respects to the mammoth stake Intel took in the field of Cloudera earlier this time. On behalf of its money, Intel got control of in the region of 18 percent of Cloudera, while Cloudera got visibility into yet to come Intel microprocessor designs and a partner so as to possibly will help go into tubby endeavor accounts.

HP spirit give birth to access to many of individuals same customers, but spirit be present able to offer a combination Laptop battery of Hadoop plus Vertica software, hardware to run it all, and service and support.

Preceding Hortonworks investors include Tenaya wealth, key Ventures, scale, Dragoneer Investment cluster and Yahoo.

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