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Monday, September 22, 2014

Latest news: Asus divulge STRIX GTX 980 and 970

In the sphere of the wee hours of this morning, Nvidia at length revealed their subsequently generation of pixel pushing hardware, the GTX 980 and 970. They showed inedible all the new to the job skin texture and design elements using the regular, non-reference cards – which we’ll obtain to in the sphere of greater allocate in the sphere of a smidgen.  But in the sphere of today’s daylight and age, it’s the non-reference designs with the aim of bloom. And if you’re departure non-reference, Asus is single of folks companies you habitually look to.

Not too prolonged before Asus revealed a new to the job, 6GB GTX 780 using a new to the job design named STRIX. With the aim of was seemingly absolutely a test run, for the reason that the GTX 980 and 970 on Asus’ wall of the fence choice both take place launching with the same design, The Asus STRIX 980 and 970 happen with a not many of the skin texture you’d expect from a non-reference tag, plus improved cooling, better chronometer break the speed limit and exclusive skin texture.

Both of the cards choice dispatch with the tried and tested DirectCU II cooling solution along with the 0dB fan control with the aim of the STRIX design combines with it. With the aim of mean the fans choice lone rev up as soon as they really need to, making your desktop experience to all intents and purposes silent. The STRIX design in addition comes with the Digi+ voltage gauge and GPU jerk used for efficient and relatively uncomplicated overclocking.

The tag itself isn’t with the aim of diverse from Nvidia’s reference, with the lone real swap being in the sphere of the chronometer break the speed limit territory. The GTX 980 and 970 choice take part in increased main chronometer speeds of 1279MHz and 1253MHz correspondingly. What did you say? This translates into is a pretty tiny performance skip used for the GTX 980, by the side of around 3.7%, and a 7% boost used for the GTX 970. Marginal, but still something to consider.

The performance differences aren’t really the argue why you ought to take place looking by the side of non-reference cards on launch daylight, but the cooling ought to take place. DirectCU II has been used stage and stage again, and it’s probably the top idea going on for Asus’ branded cards. The STRIX design is in addition pretty bright in the sphere of the way it deals with fan control. It’s a well brought-up match used for the new to the job Maxwell cards and may well smudge the opportunity of Asus designs.

The cards rap shelves nowadays (at smallest amount overseas) and we’re still waiting on localised pricing.
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